How to Get that Slicked Back Look

If you have short hair and you're looking for a glamorous New Year's Eve style, look no further than this slicked-back style. Nothing looks more futuristic than wet hair, strong brows, and a nude lip. Celebrities like Coco Rocha, Emma Watson, and Shailene Woodley have all been seen on the red carpet rocking the slicked-back pixie cut, so I was eager to give it a try to ring in 2015.

Wet hair is sexy, and this particular style is great because it gets your hair out of your face so your bone structure and other facial features can take center stage. Plus, it's just a little bit androgynous — and that's always hot. Think David Bowie and Tilda Swinton in The Stars (Are Out Tonight) music video.

Best of all, this hairstyle is quick and easy, requiring only two products and one tool.

You'll need:

  • Water (duh)
  • Some kind of oil
  • A strong-hold gel or pomade
  • A fine-toothed comb

Dirty Hair Styling Cream, $18, Lush

Here's how to create a wet hair look that will actually last all night.

First, wet your hair either in the sink or in the shower (skip the shampoo but feel free to use conditioner). Damp hair won't cut it; it should be just short of dripping.

Secondly, you'll want to give your hair some hold by using a strong hair pomade. If you have one that promises to impart a wet look, even better. I swear by Dirty Hair Cream by Lush. It's slightly pricier than drugstore brands, but so worth it. The tub is fairly large and most hairstyles only need a tiny amount of the cream, so it lasts forever. Plus it smells amazingly fresh and sexy.

For this hairstyle, I like to use a lot more of Dirty than I usually do. I scoop out maybe a quarter-sized amount and run it through my hair, adding more to really slick back any shorter pieces. Once that's done, you can take your comb and shape your hair the way you want. I suggest a deep side part starting over the arch of one eyebrow. Flatten the smaller section of hair on one side of your head with the comb, and then you can either comb the other side down or upwards for some volume. I like to comb it upwards a little bit because too-flat hair looks strange on my head.

Here's a visual aid of how I combed my hair: a deep side part, straight down and flat on the one side, and then combed back and slightly upwards on the top:

Next, take your oil and pump a generous amount into your palm. I'm using 100 percent pure sweet almond oil from The Little Oil Shoppe, but you can use argan oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, or even coconut oil if you warm it up enough to melt it. There's no need to waste your expensive Josie Maran argan oil: You can find these at health food stores or even discounted at T.J. Maxx, which is what I did (except for coconut oil which is in most grocery stores). Best of all this little bottle is small enough to throw in your bag for touch-ups later on.

The Little Oil Shoppe Sweet Almond Oil 100% Pure 1 Fl. $19, Amazon

Rub the oil together in your palms (you probably can't see it in the picture above but there's a lot of oil in my palm) and smooth it over your hair. This will flatten fly-aways and keep the wet hair look going all night.

To finish the look, I added a brown smoky eye, a nude lip (Wet 'n' Wild Fergie Creme Lipstick in Fergie Daily), and dabbed some leftover oil on my cheekbones and above my brow to add to that wet, glowing, "just sauntered out of the pool" look. Don't forget to add a glitzy ear cuff for just the right amount of drama.

Here's my before, looking like I just rolled out of bed:

And here's the glammed-up after:

With this look, you'll be all set to go out at midnight and kiss a bunch of strangers. Just don't let them touch your hair.

Images: Kelly Dougher