This Video Is Everything You Love All at Once

A triple dose of nostalgia happened when Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon sang Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" on The Tonight Show. Why, triple, you ask? They were in a sketch about Camp Winnipesaukee, a sleep-away camp in the '90s, complete with ugly yellow graphic T-shirts and strict lights-out times. This fun video is a follow-up to one they did last year, and it has the same premise: Fallon and Timberlake as teens at camp, singing together when they're supposed to be sleeping. And just like when they harmonized to Hootie & the Blowfish's "Only Wanna Be With You" before, they could not stop cracking up and breaking character while singing Third Eye Blind's "Jumper." In fact, Timberlake started laughing before he even spoke his first line.

Aside from singing, the duo also plays a rousing game of Truth or Dare — in which Timberlake reveals his crush on Kimmy Gibbler from Full House — and had discussions about, um, all sorts of body hair and Weedwackers (surprisingly not related). This looks like it will be their last trip to camp, since they tell the audience what Fallon and Timberlake accomplished via text blurbs at the end. We'll miss you, brace-face Fallon.

Image: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC