Anna Kendrick Has Some Loopy Ambien Stories

When you're a high-falutin' movie star on a press tour for a major motion picture in which you co-star with the likes of Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, there's a lot of travel involved. And jetting from New York to London can sound glamorous — but the miracle that is plane travel can also be a hell of a drag. And so Into the Woods star Anna Kendrick has a system for dealing with her hectic travel schedule, and it involves the sleep aid Ambien. And as Kendrick explained on The Late Show With David Letterman Tuesday, things can get all kinds of weird.

Kendrick's tales of Ambien woes and wonders involve such wacky hijinks as:

  • Waking up to all her DVDs in your fridge.
  • Waking up wearing all of the clothes in her carry-on bag.
  • Waking up to a crap-ton of scrambled eggs and no memory of cooking them.

Ah yes, Ambien is a fickle mistress, and one that should be dealt with very carefully. Her stories also make me wonder if her stress levels are also at play here; I've never taken an Ambien in my life, but the last time I was really stressed I woke up wearing a dress over my pajamas.

You can watch Kendrick relive her Ambien experiences below. Below that you can find her convincing Letterman that he's been waving around a furry dildo.

Good times.

Image: CBS