If You're a Lazy Girl, You'll Get This

Are you lazy as hell? I don't mean faux lazy like "doing a five minute face" and "bringing leftovers to work for lunch." I mean, like, it's wintertime so I slept in my tights and then wore them under my jeans the next day. This new video from BuzzFeed touches all us lazy girls deeply, in our most lethargic of souls.

To make a quick distinction, though: just because you're a lazy girl doesn't mean you don't work hard. Just because I can't be bothered to shower every day and I eat more food out of styrofoam take-out boxes than ever would be necessary doesn't mean I'm not deeply committed to my passions and goals. We procrastinate, we press snooze, we don't go to the gym (I think I have set foot in a gym perhaps twice in my livelong life), but that doesn't mean we don't hustle when it matters.

If the above describes you, you'll definitely related to BuzzFeed's "Moments All Lazy Girls Understand." It's always encouraging to find solidarity, especially with other women, especially with other women that hate wearing socks, let alone want to spend an extra 30 seconds looking for the other sock in a matching set. It's hard out here for a sloth.

If you're a lazy girl, you know...

1. The Snooze Button is Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Especially now that iPhone has the "Tap to Snooze" feature, who can ever expect not to delay waking up at least twice? All lazy girls know the key is to set your alarm wayyyy earlier than you need to get up so you know that you can snooze. Lifehacked.

2. Five Minute Face? More Like Five Second Face

Bad hair? Hat. Wash your face? Sure, maybe, or just rub the sleep out of your eyes. I've stopped wearing makeup during the week not because I have gained a mature sense of confidence that comes with growing older, but because I just can't be bothered. Hello world, this is me.

3. Matching Is For Fools

Am convinced the only people on earth who match their socks/pick all components of their outfit out of their closet as opposed to the floor are either celebrities with stylists or the Queen of England.

4. All Meals Are Snacks

In a hunter-gatherer society, you'd def be the best grazer in town.

5. You Prefer "Unconventional Exercise"

You took the stairs today! Go ahead and Seamless some dumplings tonight. You earned it, baby.

6. You're Lazy, But Not Unimaginative

You're savvy enough to know that your face makes a great shelf. MacGyver would be proud.

If you can be bothered to open YouTube on your phone browser, watch the whole video here:

Images: Buzzfeed/Youtube