Surprise! LiLo is Just Like Us... Well, Sort Of

Why does everyone love modern beauty-encyclopedia site Into the Gloss? Well, for one, it's the go-to place to learn about every beauty product you never knew you needed. Maybe you weren't looking to buy roughly one new, lifechanging lip balm a week for the past six months, but hey — it happens. Into the Gloss makes it seem necessary, and I love it. Another thing that's cool about the site? Their series of celebrity features, called "The Top Shelf," reveals what our favorite famous people use on their skin, hair and bodies every single day to stay beautiful. Often, the results are pretty surprising. So when I saw that the newest Top Shelf post featured Lindsay Lohan, I knew things were bound to be interesting.

It's not exactly a secret that LiLo has had a tough run of it for a handful of years in the past decade or so, but as someone who just watched The Parent Trap and enjoyed it thoroughly (I'm almost 22, if you're wondering), it's hard not to like Lohan despite all her stages of crazy. I mean, we all have those stages after all, right? I think so. And just in case you don't think you have anything in common with Lindsay, her Into the Gloss interview might change that.

1. Her Skincare Routine Is Just Like Yours and Mine... Sort Of

"On a normal day, I start with a shower," Lohan told ITG. Celebrities, they're just like us. OK, I'm just joking. I have no idea why Lohan felt it necessary to include the shower stage in her skincare description, but hey, good to know. Lohan also said she uses Dove Body Wash on the daily, which, surprise: I DO TOO. Granted, from there, the similarities become less frequent — damn celebrities and their constant use of La Mer.

2. According to Lohan, Sometimes Cheaper Is Better

Speaking of La Mer... when Lohan isn't using the famous face cream, she opts for a cheaper variety — you know, a cheaper kind that she heard about from her friend in Dubai. *Reminds self to consult international friends for skincare advice*

My friend from Dubai told me about Astral Cream, which is amazing. A lot of my friends from Riyadh use it, actually. It’s good because it’s like La Mer, but there’s not as much fragrance in it and it shines your skin. It’s cheap, but I think it’s better! People don’t realize that even some of the best wines are the cheaper ones.

3. She Thinks Water Is Boring

So this one kind of makes sense, given that Lohan has probably consumed substances much, much more exciting than just basic water, but still, even I must admit that water is pretty boring... LILO, SHE'S JUST LIKE US! This topic came up after admitting that she sometimes breaks out (usually when she's not drinking enough water) and picks at her skin. It's OK, Lindsay. Me too, me too.

4. She Used To Hate Her Freckles

Personally, I am appalled by this because Lindsay Lohan was probably the cutest kid ever and I used to actively envy her freckles and red hair. However, you'll be happy to know that LiLo has grown to be OK with her freckles.

5. Her Favorite Lipstick Is From Topshop

TOPSHOP, people. Also, I own this color ("Pillowtalk"), so I'll take this one as a win for me. Slowly racking up a list of similarities between Lindsay Lohan and I. We are essentially the same person, I think. Mom would be so proud.

6. She Has Moved Past "Fake Nails and All That Sh*t"

Nowadays, Lohan only goes for nude or red when it comes to her nails (someone should really analyze what this means), but just like you and I, Lohan didn't always have classy taste when it came to manicures.

I’ve gone through the crazy nails phase, with the fake nails and all that sh*t, which I can’t do anymore. I’m past it, I like something more natural now.

Way to be, Lindsay Lohan.

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