Stop Everything And Look At This Snowman Bun Kit

Public service announcement: you have been doing your holiday updo terribly wrong. This snowman bun kit from Claire's is everything. Sporting this accessory will prove to everyone who sees you that no one has more yuletide spirit than you, so they might as well just stop trying.

Before I break out my credit card to drop $12.50 on what will most definitely be the most hilarious holiday-themed item seen all season (take that, ugly sweaters,) let me share a few thoughts. First, not to discriminate among hair models, but I feel like this would be better suited for a blonde, such as myself, to most accurately mimic the coloring of a snowman. Or, take it a step further and just dye your locks white altogether. It's all for the cause, right?

Second, I have an inkling that this could actually be multi-purposed for other holidays very easily. Tie a couple of empty balloons around the bun instead of the scarf, tuck a couple feathers in, and you've got yourself a Thanksgiving turkey.

Third, I'm convinced the sock bun will now be so utterly boring now that I've laid eyes on this beauty.

If nothing else, this would be a priceless white elephant party gift. You're welcome.

Images: Courtesy manufacturer