We Can All Join in on a Hogwarts Class!

On Pottermore Christmas day 7, fans got to witness an event never shown in the movies: A lesson in the Great Hall from Wilkie Twycross. Rowling rewarded her readers who were able to solve the riddle (and who did enough Highlights for Children search puzzles when they were kids to find them) with five galleons, exploding bon bons, and the Balfour Bane Chocolate Frog Card to use in the Pottermore universe. But was it enough for diehard fans?

To explain a piece of the new Pottermore Christmas moment would be to give away the answer to the riddle, so spoilers to come after the riddle:

Wilkie Twycross orders students to persevereIn their futile attempts to turn and disappearBut regardless of whether the students can do it or notWhat is it called when a wizard appears on the spot?

(If and) when you solve the riddle, you are transported into Hogwart's Great Hall where Wilkie Twycross is conducting a lesson on (spoiler!) Apparation — a magical form of travel when a wizard, using the three Ds of destination, determination and deliberation, can disappear from one spot and appear in another. Sadly, while we Muggles can't apparate, this is our first glimpse into a lesson on screen. And there are some familiar faces in the crowd. Fans have spotted Ron's signature red hair, Snape's lurking figure, Professor McGonnagall in gray, and most importantly, Susan Bones.

Oh, poor Susan Bones.

You see, when you're practicing apparation, Twycross has his wizards disappear from a spot on the floor into a hoop nearby. But Susan must not have been focused enough because she transported only most of herself, as we see her left leg left behind, called Splinching.

Though, let's give poor Susan some credit, because I don't see anyone else completing Apparition. I also seem to remember Neville Longbottom cheating and jumping into his hoop.

But some fans are still eagerly anticipating new writing from Rowling for Christmas (Draco Malfoy, please!), and weren't too pleased with the lack of new material today. Some fans are still reeling from the miscommunication before the 12 days of Pottermore Christmas began, thinking that Rowling would release 12 new Harry Potter stories, not just 12 new "moments," that may not include any writing at all.

"Anyone else disappointed by the length of these new moments :/," SickleWitch1029 asked in the comments section.

"I am VERY much DISAPPOINTED by the length of these last two chapters :(," added WitchCastle17408.

Can Pottermore save our Christmas spirit with some lengthier new content? Well, we have five more days to see. One thing we do know for sure is that Rowling isn't limiting herself to Pottermore content this holiday season. She has been answering reader questions about Hogwarts via Twitter. Rowling already confirmed there were Jewish wizards at Hogwarts, and now it seems she's confirming there are LGBTQ wizards studying as well.

As if we all weren't already dying to go to Hogwarts, now it's even more awesome.

Image: nathanaels/Flickr; Giphy