7 Remade Classics Series with Cool Covers That Would Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

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Not that I'm judging a book based on its cover (OK, maybe I am a little bit), but these covers are incredible. Instead of giving your friends and family the same old book with a cover they've seen a million times over, why not get them something eclectic and a work of art? Not only are books the perfect holiday gifts (I mean, who doesn't love books?), but these particular versions will leave your giftee impressed and utterly dazzled.

With more than a hundred classic titles, you'll probably take forever to pick just one or two. You'll be browsing through books like you've never seen them before, looking at takes that are ethereal and intricate. These are the kinds of books that you definitely want to be showing off on your bookshelf.

Here are seven selections from all the different places you can go holiday book shopping (BONUS: You can get all of these online, so you won't have to trudge through the snow to get your hands on them!).

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