New York Fashion Week Officially Banned From Lincoln Center — But Where Will It Go?

It's a dark, sad day in the world of fashion. According to recent court documents, the renowned New York Fashion Week will not return to Lincoln Center, its usual home. In fact, the city of New York and the parks and recreation department sort of kicked out IMG Fashion, the organizers for the show, from the famed location. Cue the synchronized sighs from fashion bloggers and designers all around.

Apparently, the week-long fashion celebration takes up too much space in a public park next to Lincoln Center. The combined efforts from environmental advocates and tree-huggers alike have mandated that the production's hundreds of white tents and volatile equipment covering Damrosch park have caused major damages. Fashion Week staff has allegedly killed countless trees in preparations for the show. Yikes, that's not helping their case.

While this is definitely a sticky situation, riding a fine line of ethics, all I can think is where will the next Fashion Week be held? The star-studded designer production has lived at Lincoln Center since the beginning of time; will a new location completely change everything we know about it? Rumors have buzzed that the new spot may be The Hudson Yards, but no confirmation as of yet. Guess we'll all just be patiently waiting at the edge of our seat for more news to come.