This Gold Umbilical Cord Necklace Is Only One Of Many Types Of Body Part Jewelry We've Seen This Year

Sara Larson, a contributor for Refinery29, may own the rarest piece of jewelry. The mother-of-one recently wrote an article about why she kept a bit of her daughters belly button and turned in into a gold umbilical cord necklace.

A little odd, maybe, but this isn't the first time we've heard of human parts being turned into jewelry. In 2010, Ke$ha (before she got rid of the dollar sign) told Interview Magazine she wore a necklace containing pieces of her own placenta. The singer believes the necklace gives her a "second sight," or psychic ability. She also went on to say she believes she was JFK in a former life.

Last June, we shared ways people are turning human hair into jewelry. So, clearly, this body parts-as-accessories thing is a trend.

In her article, Larson explains that she begged her husband, Gunnar, to hold on to their daughter's umbilical cord when it fell off 10 days post-birth. At first, Larson wrote that her husband thought the idea was crazy. But last May, he surprised her by turning the cord, which Larson described as "a clump of dried boogers," into a gold necklace.

Gunnar took the umbilical cord to a trusted friend who used to own a jewelry shop in East Village and asked for a special favor. It took a strange look from the jeweler, $550 and about a month for the necklace to be done, but now Larson says she wears the necklace everyday — even to work.

Despite gets mixed reactions — some moms think she's crazy and some think she should patent the idea — she's mostly concerned with what her daughter will think. Whether she will think it's creepy or adorable, she just wants her daughter to know her mother loves fiercely and her father is a true romantic at heart.

And for those moms who are worrying: the jeweler returned the original belly button and Larson has kept that as well. Think this is a pretty cool idea? Here are a few places you can get jewelry made from your kid's body parts — or your own, if that's what you're into.

1. Rock my World, Inc.

For less than $200, Rock my World, Inc. on Etsy will turn your child's teeth or fingerprint into a sterling silver necklace. Don't have a child? They'll also mold your dogs nose and turn that into a sterling silver necklace.

2. Milk Mom Baby

For new mothers, Etsy store owner Milk Mom Baby will preserve your breast milk into a locket, next to a picture of your tiny tot.

3. Placenta Necklaces

In case you do have a little bit of Ke$ha or Tom Cruise in you, for under $100, SArenity will turn you child's placenta into a customized piece of jewelry.

Image: Tory Rust/Refinery29; Courtesy Brands