Elizabeth Just Got the Bob Of the Season

Get ready to see one of the best bobs of the season. (No, they aren't over yet). Elizabeth Olsen got a bob, and her take on the popular hairstyle is far from smooth and sleek. But what else would you expect from Mary-Kate and Ashley's little sis?

Olsen's stylist Mark Townsend posted a picture to Instagram showing the choppy cut, with the caption "New hairdo! #DreamTexture #MarkEyeView!" And texturized is the perfect way to describe it. With a shoulder-length chop and messy waves, the Godzilla actresses' cut is boho's answer to the bob. And she didn't just visit the salon for a shear, the 25-year-old also lightened up her formerly deep brown locks (dyed for her role in The Avengers), taking them a dirty blonde with pops of honey.

Both the new color and the cut keep the bob looking fresh, relaxed, and easy — all things one would expect the youngest Olsen to want from her hair, and judging by her huge smile in the final reveal photo, she's pretty pleased with the 'do herself. It's definitely my favorite bob so far, and a great way to take your tresses short without sacrificing the beachy waves we all love.

Images: Getty Images; marktownsend1/Instagram