GTA V Violence, Coffee Personality Types, Gun Safety Myths, And More In The Week's Most Surprising Studies

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Your preferred brand of coffee might be as good as a personality test, one British clinical psychologist is insisting.

After an exhaustive study of 1,000 personality types, cross-referenced with the kind of coffee they drink, Dr Ramani Durvasula developed a system by which you can figure out someone's key traits, just by taking a sip of their coffee — although, let's face it, that'd be pretty awkward.

Are you a fan of lattes? Well, you're probably a people-pleaser, albeit a slightly nervy, neurotic one. (Hey, we didn't say it!) Instant-coffee drinkers tend to procrastinate, but are pretty laid-back. Take a deep breath if your drink of choice is a cappuccino: it points to a type-A, obsessive, perfectionist types. And black coffee lovers are straightforward purists, who hanker after the simple life.

Oh, and if you drink it cold and sweet, then you're likely deeply alternative and edgy. (We're paraphrasing.)

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