Anna Wintour Wraps Christmas Presents in Marni Paper Because What Else Would The 'Vogue' Editor Do?

The "devil" may wear Prada, but she also does everything in life with a designer flair! Anna Wintour wraps her Christmas gifts in Marni paper. Or more accurately, Wintour's assistants wrap her holiday presents in designer paper! But who would want to unwrap those? One of the Vogue editor's assistants shared some photos of her boss' present pile and general office festivities on Instagram and it was a peek into the everything-is-beautiful world of the fashion bible.

The presents were wrapped in high end paper, naturally. What else would she wrap them in? Wintour is not a women who scrimps on the details. But seriously, the items look too lovely to open and as if they were better served as props for a photo op, as opposed to actual gifting.

While looking at Wintour's assistant Rey-Hanna Vakili surrounded by the haul, it got me thinking that this would be a good Project Runway challenge. Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia could task the designer wannabes with creating an ensemble constructed entirely from reinforced Marni wrapping paper. Good idea, no?

Holiday-themed wrapping paper, while festive, is so basic and predictable, with all that holly, classic and comedic Santas, reindeer, and stars. Zzzzzzzzzz. This, this is exciting, even though it is Marni's bright spring prints as opposed to winter ones.

It's also a unique way for the fashion brand to show off its upcoming wares.

If someone handed me any of these presents, I'd ditch my habit of viciously and vehemently tearing off the paper to get to the gift in favor of gingerly unwrapping each corner to save the paper. Fashion will do that to you.

Vakili, who has one of the most fabled and fabulous admin jobs in the world, certainly looks adorably exacerbated by the task of dealing with fashionably wrapped gifts. However, if you are going to be an elf, you may as well be a stylish one.

Images: Rey-Hanna Vakili/Instagram (2)