Opening Ceremony's Juicing-Inspired Collection Will Delight Your Inner Gwyneth Paltrow

I don't understand the allure of subsisting on fancy juices, but perhaps Carol Lim and Humberto Leon can show me what I've been missing. The duo's pre-fall 2015 collection for Opening Ceremony is inspired by juicing and something tells me Gwyneth will be pre-ordering every last piece.

So, what does a collection worthy of the health-food trend actually consist of? Well, fruit, for one thing. There are dresses and sweatshirts emblazoned with quirky illustrations of orange slices and open melons, as well as tops that say "Fresh!" and have designs reminiscent of the stickers you find on produce at the grocery store. "The collection is an artful mash-up of darker, mouth-watering colors," the Opening Ceremony blog explains. "Think beet, blueberry, grapefruit, and kale green, and future-modern cuts and fabrics that interpret the peel of a banana or the texture of a leafy Swiss chard."

I know we've recently eulogized the phrase "basic bitch," but I can't think of any other demographic — aside from maybe the heavily ironic hipster — that would fall for the more gimmicky parts of this collection. Granted, there are plenty of textured and sculptural pieces that don't exactly scream "INSPIRED BY FRUIT" at the top of their lungs. Those are certainly the looks I find most appealing.

Lim and Leon get major points for originality, however. As a designer, I imagine you might be tempted to base collections off of the same tired old muses — Old Hollywood screen sirens, Andy Warhol's superstars — season after season. It's always refreshing (hee hee, because juice!) to see a completely original take on fashion.

I still can't recommend going on a juice cleanse, though. Oh, well — we can't all be Gwyneth.