8 Quotes From Jon Hamm's 'Mad Men' Costars That Reveal What He’s Really Like

Don Draper may not be the most loved man, but Jon Hamm's Mad Men costars absolutely adore him. On Thursday, Elisabeth Moss took the stage at People 's award show to introduce Hamm, telling the crowd, "When you do a scene with him, everything else disappears, and there’s nothing but you and him and the characters you’re playing. Time stands still."

It isn't just his acting skills or work ethic that wow Hamm's coworkers, though. Kiernan Shipka, who plays Don's daughter Sally, talked about how he's a humble gentleman, and Jessica Paré gushed about how "intelligent and funny" the actor is off screen. Keep reading to see some other compliments from the Mad Men cast, and try to forget the hit AMC drama is ending in 2015.

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Jessica Paré

“I was scared of him at first. I was a fan of the show before and so it was intimidating to start working on the show and all these characters just seemed larger than life. Then you meet them and they are all real people except for Jon who is freakin’ huge. But, as you say, he’s so charismatic. He’s so intelligent and funny and very interested in the person in front of him. But he’s also extraordinarily talented and it’s at once comforting but also I feel like I want to hold my own in a scene with him. He’s so amazing, I don’t want to be the drag.” — Paré on working with Hamm, Collider

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Christina Hendricks

“Everyone expects him to be Don Draper! You know, he’s so great at comedy too. You take that gel out of his hair [Laughs] and he becomes an entirely different guy. It’s a testament to how talented he is.” — Hendricks on Don versus Jon, Huffington Post

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Kiernan Shipka

“He’s such a good guy, and it’s been interesting watching him become a mega-star. He still opens the door for you, will hold your makeup bag — it’s just so nice to see him be so humble, and it’s a great lesson to learn from such a cool guy.” — Shipka on Hamm’s personality, Glamour

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Vincent Kartheiser

“It’s awful. He’s so good at it. You’re just like, ‘Just be bad at something!’ … Yeah, he’s perfect. And I love him for it. I love him. No, he’s great.” — Kartheiser on Hamm’s directing, Collider

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January Jones

“I think he’s amazing. Very kind and generous, well read, very strong but easily vulnerable, very funny but also dark. My friend.” — Jones describing Hamm, Violet Grey

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John Slattery

“Nobody was surprised at how well he would do. He’s a very smart guy. He knows the show better than any of the actors certainly, because he’s there every day and he’s in every scene … And he gives good direction. And he’s an actor so he knows how to give you something specific and brief that’s useful.” — Slattery on Hamm’s directing, The Hollywood Reporter

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Elisabeth Moss

“I mean, of course he’s going to say [he doesn’t think he’s handsome]. But I think he actually doesn’t get it. I’m like, ‘Are you insane?’ But he’s one of those people who’s good-looking and smart and funny and talented, and I don’t know if he fully gets that about himself. Which, thank God: If he ever realized how great he is, he’d be a f—ing a—hole.” — Moss on Hamm’s vanity, Rolling Stone

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