Victoria’s Secret Hitting Puerto Rico for a Swimsuit Fashion Show, Maybe — 7 Reasons That Needs To Be True

In case the lingerie fashion show wasn't enough reason to convince you to join a gym, stay tuned. Victoria's Secret is reportedly heading to Puerto Rico — but for a swimsuit fashion show. Excuse me while I just wrap this peppermint bark right back up.

Though not many details have been revealed, Fox News Latino leaked that Victoria's Secret booked 428 hotel rooms in Puerto Rico for the event, which is expected to cost around $2 million for its production and be broadcast in more than 190 countries. So that's pretty legit. The swimsuit edition of the infamous runway show would air on CBS in 2015.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, given the mounting success of the December lingerie show in recent years, I wouldn't be surprised if they're coming at us with a round two. And considering they moved the show overseas to London this year, flying south to Puerto Rico doesn't seem all that unlikely. My mind is swirling with all the possibilities that a new venue and a second show could bring, but until we have any official statement on it, here are just a few reasons why I really hope they have a show in Puerto Rico.

1. Fun In The Sun

I live in New York. It's freezing. A warm, tropical location sounds like heaven right about now.

2. A Beach Runway

Talk about epic.

3. Potential Mermaid Tails?

Angel wings just don't feel very "beachy."

4. Actual Beach Waves

We're calling your bluff on all that gorgeous hair; there is no salt air in NYC or London. But a show in Puerto Rico means natural waves and no need for that texturizing spray. #wokeuplikethis

5. Gym Inspiration (At An Appropriate Time)

The lingerie show gives me good intentions when it comes to working out, but get real. It's December and I'm surrounded by gingerbread and fudge. Not to mention it's cold — I need the extra body fat! Summer is a far more appropriate time for gym motivation.

6. Taylor Swift Round Three

It needs to happen.

7. Seeing The Swimwear (In Real Life) Before You Buy It

We've all ordered swimwear from VS and experienced the same frustration when it doesn't match the color online (hello, neon) and is a far more obnoxious pattern IRL. Seeing the suits on the runway rather than in a photo would help my buy/return ratio a lot.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy