Are 2 Jake Gyllenhaals Better Than 1?

If there was ever a director/actor bromance to rival that of Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn's, it's the one that Jake Gyllenhaal shares with Denis Villeneuve. Judging by this trailer, their first film together, Enemy , is going to be totally epic, and their second film, Prisoners, just opened nationwide today with excellent reviews backing it.

Enemy already premiered at the recent Toronto International Film Festival and was received extremely well by critics, so there was never much question whether or not it would be good — but since the plot of the film sounds like a bit of a mindfuck, there was some reasonable doubt there.

Even director Villeneuve said before the film premiered at TIFF: "Whenever I've tried to describe it I've always said, 'I wonder if you would even call it a movie.' In a way you would call it an experience." From the start, it's clear: This isn't going to be easy (or calm) viewing.

That said, this recently released teaser pretty much just affirms what Villeneuve said of the film: It's going to be psychologically jarring and a definite experience for the viewers. Based on the novel by José Saramago, Enemy follows the story of a man (Gyllenhaal) who believes he's found his doppelgänger (Gyllenhaal) and grows increasingly paranoid and insane as he tries to figure out who this guy is. Mélanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon also star.

You can check out the teaser below, as well as the first poster for the film. No word yet on when it'll be released in the U.S., but distributor A24 was nearing a deal to pick up the film at Toronto earlier this month.