Egg Recipes to Add to Your Beauty Routine

During my relaxed hair days, I suffered from dry locks constantly, no matter how much olive oil I lubed onto my scalp and edges. It wasn't a secret to me that my hair diet was seriously lacking in nutrients; I knew the burning chemicals that went into my hair every three months were just one of the reasons why my hair varied between dull and oily making me rely heavily on those trusty hair protein packages that always caught my eye at the local drug store. As luck would have it — not all stores carry them and eventually, in my darkest hour I had to find an alternative. Fortunately, the store was always loaded with eggs and with a quick egg white hair mask, I was able to get the nutrients my hair desperately craved.

In recent years, my hair habits have changed significantly. I no longer treat my kinky hair as a burden that needs to be tamed before I leave the house. In fact, I can only think of one habit that has stayed with me from those straight, easy-to-manage days well into my natural, afro struggles: Eggs to prevent hair breakage and strengthen hair follicles. Not only is this a main ingredient in my hair regimen, egg whites are also great for skin care too. Yes, y'all, I have egg on my face and I'm totally proud of it.

Let's talk about why you should put an egg on that pretty face: Eggs are loaded with vitamins A, D, and E which can slow down signs of aging. That extra protein, though, is how eggs really give OTC products a run for their money. According to sources like Livestrong, eggs have collagen, elastin, and melanin in them which you know is the business at temporarily reducing fine lines, strengthening skin's elasticity, and giving skin a smooth, tight complexion.

The health benefits of eggs for beauty is def not a new thing: Chinese culture started using egg whites to make nail polish as early as 3000 B.C. The refined nail polish process used a combination of egg whites, beeswax, and different flowers to achieve a rich colors, according to Inspirationail's website. Babes from B.C. were also using egg whites to achieve natural, long lasting beauty for their skin and since eggs can shrink the appearance of pores, reduce inflammation, AND stop breakouts? It sounds like they knew what's up.

OK, so how can you take advantage of these eggs? I recommend buying cage-free eggs, pasteurized eggs from a humane vendor or local farmer. The eggs itself aren't necessarily better, but I try to shop cruelty-free as much as possible. You can look for the label "Certified Humane Raised and Handled" instead of just choosing "cage-free" eggs. Now that you are in the know about where your eggies are coming from, here are my fave ways to incorporate them into my hair and skin game.

1. Egg White Face Lift Mask

There ARE times where I WANT a face lift, but clearly cannot afford one — or the side affects. This egg lift is def going to be the next best thing since it's got all the nutrients to tighten up your skin and eliminate pimples. This recipe from the Skincare "Love to Know" website was definitely worth a try for my most recent stress-outbreak. I used one egg white, a tablespoon of raw honey, and a few drops of tea tree oil. I used a blender to mix my mask up quickly and avoid heating my raw honey. If anything, my face thanked me after for being pro-active and gentle on my persistent quest to clear up my skin.

2. The Hair Mask

There are certainly arguments against using eggs for haircare, but they just don't hold up in my book. My logic is that anything that is healthy for our diet is healthy for our skin and actually balances our body, connecting our insides and outsides. Therefore, I'm all about putting eggs in my hair. I've used eggs solo when my hair was relaxed before shampoo and conditioning my hair. Now, I incorporate eggs as a source of protein with avocado, coconut oil, and essential oils. This option is way cheaper than keratin treatments (a single egg goes for what, 50 cents?). This is a great way to restore your hair's natural oils.

3. Egg Nail Treatment

Eggs are high in sulfur which is supposed to be essential for nail growth. A simple egg treatment will not only help grow stubborn nails, it will also strengthen and put in nutrients like vitamin K, E, and iron. All great things for our lovely nails. For this recipe, you'll use the yolk of the egg and add about a 1/4 cup of milk or lactic acid of your choice. I also add a few drops of essential of peppermint oil, known to promote healthy nails. Mix your nail treatment vigorously and then soak your nails in for about 15 minutes. The only downside to this natural nail remedy is the time you have to sit with your hand in water: Make sure you take a bathroom break before you soak your next hand!

Image: Bryan Jones, Steve Johnson/Flickr; LoloStock/Fotolia; Giphy; Kristin Collins Jackson