Kim's Email to Kris is All Shades Of Mean Girl

The latest leaked email is quite embarrassing — but this one didn't come from a hacker. Kris Jenner posted an email from Kim Kardashian on Instagram, and her daughter has some pretty strong opinions about her mother's fashion sense. Also, she should probably take a trip back to grade school to learn how to spell. Cue the eyerolls.

In the email, Kim calls out Kris's recent outfits, and tells her to stop dressing like a pilgrim or a member of the Addams Family. Though the tone is certainly cutting (is that really how you talk to your mom?), her lack of grammar, punctuation, and incorrect spelling make the email far less credible and threatening than it otherwise would be. It's almost laughable, a sentiment Kris obviously shared, as she hashtagged the photo "#ithoughtilookedfab #cantdoanythingrightlol." The worst part, though, is that Kim misspelled Amish as "omish," so I'm sure she'll be thanking Kris for this public display of her ignorance.

Though Kanye has turned Kim into quite the stylish one as of late, didn't anyone ever tell her that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? Well, in case she forgot, let's remind her of a few times she stepped out looking like a pilgrim herself. We got your back on this one, Kris.

1. Pilgrim Jumpsuit

A cleavage baring pilgrim, but none-the-less, a pilgrim.

2. Pilgrim Jacket

None of this omish shit, Kim.

3. Pilgrim Skirt

Where are the short, tight dresses?

4. Pilgrim Dress

Frumpity, frump, frump, frump.

5. Pilgrim Mess

Really, though?

Images: Getty Images; KrisJenner/Instagram; _hannahglenn_/Twitter, k4kenosha/Twitter, diamond2queen/Twitter, nellyblys/Twitter, kimkfrench/Twitter