The Cast of 'The Real World: New York' in 2015 vs. in 1992

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The Real World has been through many iterations in the last 22 years, including the current version, where cast members' "skeletons" are secretly brought in throughout the show's 30th season. But 1992 was a simpler time in reality television, where just being roommates was enough of a social experiment. In The Real World' s very first season, "seven strangers" gathered together in a New York loft to "live together and have their lives taped," and now, 22 years later, Oprah and the OWN network are gathering those seven people back together for a reunion in the very same loft that changed television forever.

Why is Oprah doing this? No idea; but I'm excited. In more recent seasons, The Real World has taken a sharp left turn toward more typical reality fare, but when Norman Korpi, Julie Gentry, Becky Blasband, Kevin Powell, Andre Comeau, Heather Gardner, and Eric Nies shared a portion of their lives together, the social experiment of reality TV was experimental. They brought real emotions, real conflicts, and real lives to the televised vacuum of The Real World. Still, it's easy to forget that they were, in fact, real people, whose lives kept going when the cameras stopped rolling. Let's check in on where the original seven roommate's lives have taken them, and how and it all started for them way back then.

Image: OWN

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