There's A New, Much-Needed Line For Plus Size Men

While plus-size fashion for women seems to be capturing more attention than ever, there are some guys who feel that fashion for men of size is not accelerating at the same rate. Sure, there's always the "Big & Tall" shop, but what happens if you're big, but not so tall? What do you wear if you're not into the selection of button-downs available at the department store, or don't fit their weird neck-sized proportions? After a night of chatting with a plus-size male friend called Jake, Irfan Hajee and Leo Park of Parker and Pine were wondering the same things. The duo did some research on what was available specifically for customers like their buddy, and found the market to be hideously lacking. What they did find was sizing that was completely off, clothes that didn't fit a modern aesthetic, and garments totally lacking in function — like preventing chafing or that infamous "plumber's butt." Thus, they became dedicated to creating their own line, and Parker and Pine came into existence as the first Canadian brand to cater specifically to the plus-size male consumer. Parker and Pine is designed with quality and style in mind, whilst understanding that big guys want to be fashionable, too. Currently, their line features classic wardrobe staples: boxer briefs, socks, ties, and button-down shirts. Even though they're starting with basics, there's nothing simple about the features of a dress shirt or the process that goes into designing the fit of Parker and Pine's clothes. The company uses 3-D body scanners and several fit models to make sure their garments are cut just right to properly fit and actually flatter the bodies of plus-size men. What a concept, right? The founders hope to expand to create a complete menswear line, but I like that they're taking their time to make sure they're getting it all right. If you have a plus-size man in your life who could use some dapper, tailored-fit goods, the site is accepting pre-orders for their June launch.

Images: Courtesy Brand