Ken Jeong's Surprising Past Is Subject of New Show

First things first: Who knew Ken Jeong used to be a doctor? Before he made it big in comedy, Ken Jeong was a practicing physician in the state of California, with patients and everything! Then, you know, he became known as the dude who jumped out of a car trunk completely naked in The Hangover. Life works in mysterious ways. Now that Jeong is a recognizable name in the industry, though, it seems he's ready to return to his roots — in a way. According to Deadline, Jeong will star in a new series for NBC based on his life as a doctor, which is tentatively titled Dr. Ken. Basically, he'll be playing himself about six years ago.

In addition to starring as the titular Dr. Ken, Jeong will also co-executive produce, along with the guy who wrote The Internship.

There's no word what exactly this will mean for Jeong's role as Señor Chang on Community, should Community make it past their next season. As both shows are with NBC and Sony Television, however, Deadline theorizes that a deal could probably be worked out if Dr. Ken and Community end up filming at the same time.

And they better, because Community is already losing Donald Glover, and I don't know how anyone (read: me) will be able to function without him on the show.

One more fun fact: Ken Jeong is actually still a licensed physician in the state of California. Think about that next time you watch an episode of Community...