The Beret is Making a Comeback — So Be Prepared For One of the More Unexpected Trends of 2015

According to Vogue, the beret is set to make a huge comeback in 2015, and I'm here to make sure you're ready for it! (Because let's not forget that despite being an iconic fashion statement, the beret is also rather useful for covering up one's ears; and it's getting cold, after all!) Like Alessandra Codinha writes, "There are few things in this world that can manage to be both winning and coy, come-hither and prim, sentimental and modern, but friends, the beret is one of them."

When you think about a beret, there are several different styles that may come to mind. We are all aware of the military beret, which came into use because it was small enough to stay on soldiers' heads as they climbed in and out of tanks. This type of beret was immortalized in the images of Che Guevara, and is still a staple of the uniform of many military units today. There is also, of course, the fancy-French-lady type of beret we've seen countless times in pop culture, as worn by Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow. (We love this one, and are saddened by the wool hat's departure from French retail.)

And so, I've made a list of beret-themed gifts to give a friend or yourself if you're ready to come on board the upcoming beret craze in the new year.

Image: Etsy

Suits You, Sir

What to do if you just don’t have a hat head? (You know who you are.) Then I suggest picking up this very stylish squirrel to wear it for you.

Squirrel Water Color Print, $18,

The Beret for the Beanie Lover in You

Want to jump on the Beret trend but not quite ready to leave your beanie days behind you? I have found the perfect beanie/beret for you.

Knit Beret Slouchy Beanie, $27,

If Samuel Says it's Cool...

You can get your very own Samuel L. Jackson beret and then try to be half as cool as him!

Samuel L. Jackson P2i Golf 2-Tone Tropic, $58,

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do it Yourself

Combine retro styling and DIY and make a beret for everyone in your family.

Beret and Mittens PDF Patterns, $3,

I want That One!

There is something magical about the way that berets are shaped out of one piece of wool, and I just love the bow on this one.

Grey Wool Felt Beret, $35,

The Lace Beret

A modern take on the traditional beret.

Lace Beret, $54,

The Fancy Pants Beret

One simply wouldn’t dream of making a slideshow about hats without including the impeccable Irish designer Philip Treacy!

Orchid Beret, $2081,

The Princess Beret

If you’d like to get swept up in the Kate Middelton effect, you have to pick up this version of her royal beret that she wore for baby George’s christening.

Kate Christening Felt Beret in Ivory, $60,