Amy and Tina's Important Emmy Conversation

Will they or won't they? Ever since Amy Poehler and Tina Fey brought down the house as co-hosts of the 2013 Golden Globe awards — remember when we thought Ricky Gervais was as good as it got? — audiences have wondered if these two beloved funny women will sign on to do the gig one more time at the 2014 Globes. Their ceremony's ratings were the best the show has received in six years, and Fey and Poehler have reportedly been invited back — will they say yes?

Turns out they're not only thinking about it, they're going to discuss it tonight at the 2013 Primetime Emmy awards.

Tina Fey said so on the Emmys red carpet, after confirming that NBC has issued the invitation. When it was Amy Poehler's turn to be accosted by E!'s Ryan Seacrest, she confirmed that Sunday was the night the two stars were going to talk about it.

"We only talk about awards shows at other awards shows," Poehler quipped. When Seacrest asked if Poehler is into the idea of a repeat performance, she answered, "The ideas of getting to see Tina in any form is always nice right now. The only way we see each other is when we work."

We would like to see the two of them together in the form of return Golden Globes hosts very soon. Here's a reminder why:

In case anyone had forgotten what Tina and Amy bring to an awards show, they reminded us almost as soon as the 2013 Emmy Awards ceremony kicked off. During the transition from Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris' opening to their presentation of the evening's first award, they appeared in the front row, wearing over-sized sunglasses and eating popcorn in their red carpet gowns. The two heckled Harris to "Twerk it," saying they'd learned that twerking is what happens at awards shows, and they expected to see some, thanks. Then the two took the stage to present the award for best supporting actress in a comedy, which went to Merritt Wever for her performance in "Nurse Jackie."