You'll Love Rachel's New Hair

People argue over whether Rachel McAdams looks better as a blonde (a la Ms. Regina George) or a brunette (a la Allie in The Notebook), but now it looks like her latest 'do will appease both camps: Rachel McAdams just gone ombré in a major way.

Now, before you start clutching your pearls and gasping, "But wasn't ombré over last year??" you'll have to take a look at Rachel's awesome bi-colored hair. It's not the root-growing-out-phase that was so popular among the likes of Drew Barrymore and Alexa Chung circa 2012-2013, it's kind of... cooler than that. It's blunt, it's abrupt, and it's a tad dramatic — in other words, it's je ne sais quoi, it's hip, and it's a tad badass.

Aside from the fact that I spend a good portion of my time reading and writing about celebrity fashion and beauty, I don't consider myself much of a trend follower, or even someone who's all that crazy about celebrity culture. I didn't freak out that bad that one time I saw Jennifer Lawrence, and my style more closely resembles my grandmother's than, say, Kendall Jenner's. That said, it's taking all the strength I can muster (not to mention a certain holiday-induced cash-deficit) not to march down to the salon right now, clutching this photo of Ms. McAdams in my hands:

I mean, it strikes exactly the right balance of "I'm so cool, I don't even care what my hair looks like" and "I may or may not have just spent an arm and a leg at the hair salon." Add that to the fact that she was spotted en route to film her new role in the second season of True Detective , and you've got yourself a bonafide trend in the making. Thanks for breathing new life into the ombré hair movement, Rachel!

Images: Getty Images; Twitter