A Definitive Ranking of Ariana Grande's Kissy Faces From 2014

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If anyone likes a kissy face, it's Ariana Grande. Seriously though, homegirl is most contented when puckering out her lips for a selfie, red carpet photo, or air kiss. Ariana Grande does the kiss face so often that she's made the expression into a veritable art form. On Instagram, she has her "cutesy" smooch face, her "sexy" smooch face, her "nonplussed" smooch face, and her "totally caught-off-guard" smooch face. WHAT A RANGE!

Let's commit these faces to a grading system. Once and for all, I'm ranking Ariana Grande's smooch faces of 2014 from "social discomfort," to "affected sultriness," to "awkward obligation." Join me!

Image: Ariana Grande/Instagram

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