These Upsets Had to Be a Joke, Right?

Whoa, the 2013 Emmys just broke our heart. We started to rebuild, but, within minutes, it was shattered again. The culprits? The back-to-back wins of Boardwalk Empire's Bobby Cannavale for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and The Newsroom's Jeff Daniels for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

No Jon Hamm? Fine. You've burned us before, Emmys. No Mandy Patinkin? No Kevin Spacey? Weird. But no Aaron Paul?? We feel sick. AND NO BRYAN CRANSTON?! We're dead on the ground.

Sure, there were certain dudes we were rooting for (namely, anyone from Breaking Bad), but it could've been a little easier to stomach had Don Draper nabbed the win. We would've been calmer had the Supporting Actor award even gone to Peter Dinklage! Someone bring us our collective inhaler, because we can't breathe.

Some tweeters who share our fired-up feelings:

And those who feel good about how the awards went down:

Couldn't one, if not both, have been a Breaking Bad win? We are putting a pin in tonight's episode for this award show, after all.

And the biggest surprise? Bobby Cannavale's Bridesmaids star lady-friend:

Hey, who doesn't love a cute romantic reveal? Okay. We've settled down. Now that the anger fog has cleared, we can be happy for the winners (they're super wonderful!). But, we think it would've been nice for Mike Ehrmantraut to get his just desserts, once and for all.