NeNe Should Make the Jump From 'RHOA' to 'RHOBH'

NeNe Leakes is getting the hell out of the ATL… or so she says. She keeps promising that after her contract ends at the end of this season, that NeNe wants to leave The Real Housewives of Atlanta , even though she's one of the most popular and well-paid housewives from any city. But, NeNe never promised that she was leaving Bravo. For a while, she was shopping around the idea of a spinoff, and even did a short series about her re-wedding to Gregg, I Dream of NeNe, which didn't get picked up for a regular series, a la Kim Zolciak's Don't Be Tardy

Since her quest for a solo show has yet to be fulfilled, NeNe recently said that she'd be happy to join one of her other favorite casts, like The Real Housewives of New Jersey or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And she did just buy (or rent) that big mansion out in the Hollywood Hills, which, while not exactly the BH, wouldn't be that far of a move.

I don't want to lose NeNe from RHOA, but for the past few weeks she hasn't even bothered to phone it in this season. She rarely films with the rest of the cast, passive aggressively making us support all of these side projects. Now a little Cinderella on Broadway would be fun to watch, but seeing her plug a home shopping line of flowy tunic tops? Uh, no thank you. It is time to set NeNe free.

But I think adding NeNe to RHOBH would actually be a great idea. Imagine your garden variety Kim Richards monologue about Kingsley the dog, or her daughter, or whatever new hobby she's picked up in the last few minutes. Now imagine that same monologue with NeNe's commentary. It just went from "pretty funny" to "deserves the Nobel Prize," right? If not, please, let me explain why NeNe Leakes would be the PERFECT Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.

It Would Keep the Show From Being So White

This is a complaint for every Real Housewives franchise. There's basically no diversity within any of the casts, from the entirely black cast of RHOA to the entirely Italian cast of RHONJ and the white cast of pretty much every other show. Throw NeNe in there to switch things up!

She's Not Related to Anybody

The show's "inside baseball of the rich and famous" feel does set it apart from the other franchises, but it's starting to get to a point where there are too many connections between the ladies, in my opinion. Everyone knows one another, or their husbands are friends, or they knew one another in college.

She Isn't Afraid of Anyone, Even Lisa Vanderpump

Someone needs to remind Queen Lisa that it is absolutely no fun when she wins every argument and ices out everyone who's not on her side. She doesn't have to give up her throne, just move over a little, and the only Housewife with the guts to ask her to do so without getting destroyed? NeNe.

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