Lady Gaga And Her Dog Asia Matched Again — Here Are 9 Times The Pop Star And The Frenchie Were Twins

Lady Gaga and her pup Asia are my favorite celebrity couple. Sure, her and Taylor Kinney are pretty cute together, but nothing beats the love between her and her adorable French Bulldog. The two have even been known to match outfits. Three words: I can't even. Most recently, the pop star and the Frenchie left their New York City hotel in matching pearls and black fur coats (well, Asia's is permanent.) Her dog's pearl necklace featured a silk pink bow — so cute. Asia's nails were also painted pink. (Question: What shade is that, who makes it, and where can I get it?)

It's always a treat to see the "Born This Way" songstress and her pooch coordinating outfits. Sometimes, Gaga will dress Asia to look like her, and other times the singer will adjust her own look to channel her beloved puppy. And they're not just in sync style-wise — the two often look in the same direction and bear the same expressions.

Here are nine times that Lady Gaga and Asia looked absolutely adorable in coordinating clothes and accessories. Here's to hoping we get to see more matching puppy-owner ensembles soon! A holiday coordination would probably make my Christmas.

Images: Instagram/@ladygaga; Twitter/@gagadaily, @gagawants, @VH1Music, @DivasPopMusic, @AndresAcevedoRe, @ryanmacdonaldd, @TurntUpFLL, @offtogaga, @ladygagawashere