18 Apple Products That Are Definitely On Our Wish Lists, From the iPhone 6 to the World's Cutest Robot

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Are you an Apple or a PC kind of person? Ask someone that question 20 years ago, and you'd be given a blank stare in return. Ask that question today, and you'll probably be given a passionate rant on why one is better than the other no matter who you ask. Funny how things change, and technology is no exception.

Even if you consider yourself a PC person, you can't deny the fact that Apple is one of the most innovative brands on the market, and their designs are often so inspiring that they are a driving force behind many technological and cultural advancements. (I mean, they revolutionized how we listen to music, for goodness sake!) Basically, everything Apple touches is gold — and everything they sell is of equal caliber. Whether it's a sleek laptop sleeve or a remote controlled mood light, if it isn't cool, you won't find it in the Apple Store.

So with that being said, may I present 18 Apple Store products you should have on your wish list. It's not everyday that you can talk to a robot or cover your phone with Pendleton. Smarts meets style with this stuff.

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