18 Apple Products That Are Definitely On Our Wish Lists, From the iPhone 6 to the World's Cutest Robot

Are you an Apple or a PC kind of person? Ask someone that question 20 years ago, and you'd be given a blank stare in return. Ask that question today, and you'll probably be given a passionate rant on why one is better than the other no matter who you ask. Funny how things change, and technology is no exception.

Even if you consider yourself a PC person, you can't deny the fact that Apple is one of the most innovative brands on the market, and their designs are often so inspiring that they are a driving force behind many technological and cultural advancements. (I mean, they revolutionized how we listen to music, for goodness sake!) Basically, everything Apple touches is gold — and everything they sell is of equal caliber. Whether it's a sleek laptop sleeve or a remote controlled mood light, if it isn't cool, you won't find it in the Apple Store.

So with that being said, may I present 18 Apple Store products you should have on your wish list. It's not everyday that you can talk to a robot or cover your phone with Pendleton. Smarts meets style with this stuff.

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

When it comes to headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre is a go-to. These wireless headphones not only have superior sound quality, but they’re superiorly designed as well.

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, $341.95, Apple

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Let’s just get this one out of the way, because… duh. Every time a new iPhone comes out, the one you bought just last year already feels way outdated. Such is the game.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, starting at $199 (prices vary), Apple

Recover Pendleton Case for iPhone 5/5s

So you’re not ready to upgrade to the new iPhone 6? That doesn’t mean your iPhone 5 doesn’t deserve a facelift. Pendleton teams up with Apple to make the hippest of phone cases.

Recover Pendleton Case for iPhone 5/5s, $39.95, Apple

Nike + FuelBand SE

Made to motivate, this wristband links with your iPhone to show your daily range of exercise. Keep track of your physical activity and set goals for yourself with this lightweight wristband.

Nike + FuelBand SE, $99.95, Apple

Vers 1Q Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, this miniature speaker may be tiny, but it certainly isn’t lacking in sound quality.

Vers 1Q Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, $129.95, Apple

Olliclip Photo Lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Photography-lovers behold, an attachable lens that shoots fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro. Yeah, your Instagram photos just reached a whole new level.

Olliclip Photo Lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, $79.95, Apple

Michael Kors 13" Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Talk about being sleek. No other MacBook Pro case even comes close to having anything on this Michael Kors sleeve. It’s professional, but fun… practical, but pretty.

Michael Kors 13” Sleeve for MacBook Pro, $119.95, Apple

WowWee MiP Robot

Own your own personal robot. We may not be traveling in flying cars yet, but you can still play Judy Jetson with this mini man on wheels. Oh, and did I mention he responds to the swipe of a hand and can carry a tray? Amazeballs.

WowWee MiP Robot, $99.95, Apple

Moshi ClearGuard Keyboard Protector for Aluminum MacBook/Pro

Keep your keyboard clean and enjoy the jelly texture of a clear keyboard protector on your laptop. Who knows where your hands have been.

Moshi ClearGuard Keyboard Protector for Aluminum MacBook/Pro, $24.95, Apple

Philips Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp

Change the hue of any room from the touch of your iPhone. Do you need this? No. Do you want this? Yes.

Philips Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp, $79.95, Apple

Apple Gift Cards

True, Apple gift cards can be used on anything from the beloved store, but there’s one thing they always translate to in my mind: music, and lots of it.

Apple Gift Cards, prices vary, Apple

Speck 13" SmartShell Case for MacBook Air

Remember those colorful hardshell MacBook covers that exploded on college campuses about five years ago? Guess what, they’re back! And still as cool as ever.

Speck 13” SmartShell Case for MacBook Air, $49.95, Apple

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 Digital DJ Controller

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has wanted to be a DJ at some point in his or her life, or at the very least, try their hand at some scratching. Now you can do just that from the convenience of your own home. Think about it — your next house party will kick ass.

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 Digital DJ Controller, $299.95, Apple

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

Herschel has a timeless look, and their backpacks are solid proof of this. Stick with classic colors, or try out something with a hint of neon. Either way, you’ll still be able to use your backpack in 10 years without looking outdated.

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack, $69.95, Apple

WakaWaka Power + Solar Charger

One solar charge on this bad boy, and you’ve got 150 hours of high-powered LED light. It can also juice up your iPhone and Apple accessories on the side. I feel like everyone needs one of these.

WakaWaka Power + Solar Charger, $79.95, Apple

Joby GripTight Tripod for iPhone

A mini tripod for your iPhone? Selfies just got so much easier.

Joby GripTight Tripod for iPhone, $49.95, Apple

This Is Ground Cord Taco (5-Pack)

Messy and tangled wires begone! Begone, and be wrapped in a leather ground cord taco. Yeah, that’s right.

This Is Ground Cord Taco (5-Pack), $24.95, Apple

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

Measuring force, path, and improvement, this soccer ball is probably the best thing since sliced bread. And I don’t even play soccer.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball, $199.95, Apple