Should You Eat Breakfast On Christmas Morning?

Waking up on Christmas morning, you're so excited you're probably not even thinking about what to eat for Christmas breakfast. This is absolutely going to be a good day. Santa came! Look at that haul under the tree! You have so many gifts to open! Your stocking is preggers with candy and beauty products! You get to eat all the food at your Christmas feast tonight! You can stay in your pjs until lunch time! Then you can take a nap! Then you can eat candy! And maybe take another nap! See? So much general awesomeness going on. It's easy to forget about normal daily routines with all the yuletide chaos.

I get it. It's Christmas Day. It's a big deal. This day only comes once a year, and you should be able to forego all regular habits and live as Buddy the Elf would, with a bright smile and sticking to the four major Elf food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and SYRUP. But what about Christmas breakfast? Should you even bother? Is it worth the hassle? Will it allow you to really enjoy the feast for dinner? These are valid questions. So let's do this. Let's lay out all the pros and cons of having Christmas breakfast.

Pro: It's the most important meal of the day.

Your body will need some fuel for opening all of those presents.

Con: It's the last thing on your mind.

There are lots of shiny new toys between you and the kitchen.

Pro: It makes you wait to open gifts.

And anticipation can be kind of fun.

Con: It gets in the way of opening gifts.

And you have zero patience.

Pro: This is not your average breakfast.

It's everything you'd always dreamed of seeing on one plate in the morning.

Con: It's going to be extremely filling.

Well hello, food baby. Might as well skip that shower because you cannot move.

Pro: It'll get your stomach all warmed up for tonight's feast.

This is a thing that happens, right? It's like stretching, for food consumption.

Con: You might ruin your appetite.

For real though, you might not be ravenous in time for dinner, and that would be a major bummer.

Pro: It's breakfast food.

Breakfast food is the best.

Con: I ran out of cons because it's breakfast food.

Go on. Dig in.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy (10)