Missoni's Spring/Summer 2015 Ads Are Supremely Retro and Will Make You Yearn for Warm Weather Days

We haven't even experienced the first bitter snowpocalypse of the nascent winter season nor have we dealt with the resurgence of the polar vortex yet, but already, I'm thinking about Easter, spring, and summer. Thanks, fashion designers! Missoni's latest Spring/Summer 2015 ads are light, bright, and decidedly retro, bringing a little color into these long, dark, and winter days. The prints, patterns, and colors in the campaign and the clothes are of soft pastels, pretty much mimicking the shades you see in an Easter basket. Bring on the Easter bunny, that's what I say. Screw Santa Claus, even though we are knee-deep in his season right now.

The ads are bathed in blush tones and featured a variety of boho-like dresses that are perfect for things like beach weddings.

My personal favorite is of model Amanda Murphy perched on a mirrored ball, showing off some acrobatic posing skills, surrounded by flowers while wearing a pale pink and semi-retro coatdress. The image is not simple by any means, but I am certainly nostalgic (despite being born decades later) for the simpler time the photo invokes.

I'm not gonna lie; I want that ball in my living room as a piece of furniture. The mirrored balls are a recurrent piece and they are all over this ad campaign.

Isn't she just lovely? And so are her clothes!

There's something so light and airy about these clothes.

Check out the drama of the silhouettes This dress is loose and free, like a maxi mixed with PJs, with majorly turnt up details.

This gorgeous dress is so Easter-like. The stripes and the shape are super fun and this is total beach wedding attire.

This dress was made for a beach stroll— a high fashion beach stroll, mind you.

Images: Missoni/Instagram (2); Missoni (3)