The Sliding Scale of James Franco's Creepy Mustaches

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While there is almost never a time that James Franco is not occupying some corner of the entertainment news circuit — with a new movie, documentary, book of poems, commercial about shoes, or proclamation that he will be living underground for a year to better empathize with our vole brethren — the multihyphenate’s media presence has been especially dominating of late, all thanks to the international calamity surrounding his would-be new film The Interview . On top of that, Franco has another movie that’s (actually) coming out soon: True Story, which has just released its first trailer… in which our beloved Franco looks decidedly creepy. Especially with that ‘stache.

What happened to Franco and Seth Rogen’s movie is an unfortunate turn of events, and I empathize with the professional and artistic frustrations that the duo must be enduring right about now. That said, I feel inclined to focus on the larger issue at hand: Franco’s ubiquitous creepy ‘stache. A ‘stache that has followed him from film to film, employing varying degrees of creepiness. No, this is not a phenomenon unique to True Story, it’s something we’ve seen time and time again from the actor.

Don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself! A full rundown of Franco’s movies, channeling the evolution from clean-shaving good guy to scruffy scoundrel, rating each plateau of creepiness along the way. Because this is the real Franco news we should be focusing on (…no, it is very much not).

Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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