The Most Important Swimwear Moments of 2014 — From Month to Month

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When Louis Reard unveiled the bikini in 1946, he imagined the cultural impact would be similar to that of a nuclear bomb. In fact, that’s where he got the name for his invention, so called because of nuclear testing happening at Bikini Atoll in the central Pacific. His expectation wasn’t unfounded, considering it wasn’t that long ago that bathing suit police enforced laws regarding modesty of dress on the beach.

Although we may be a bit more desensitized to nudity today, we’re just as enamored with the bikini and, even more so, the bikini body. It’s why every time Serena Williams, Jessica Biel, or Kim Kardashian have appeared in an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny iteration this year, we’ve read about it.

Of course, we’re so bombarded with these stories — which generally focus on who’s gained a few pounds and who’s lost a few pounds — the coolest, strangest, most amusing, most infuriating, and most significant swimwear-related stories sometimes pass us right by.

To that end, here’s a look back at the year’s biggest bathing suit moments — minus any generic celeb-hitting-the-beach photos — no SPF required.

Image: Instagram/tessholliday

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