Hilary Nailed It In "Gym Chic" Workout Clothes

Hilary Duff is definitely one of the most underrated style icons of today. I'd be hard-pressed to think of an outfit she's worn recently that I haven't loved — her looks are always super stylish and minimalist in the best possible way. She doesn't look like she tries, either: she just sort of embodies casual chic. What I didn't know, however, is that her gym clothes are just as cool as the outfits I usually see her pictured in.

Duff took to her Instagram account on Sunday to show off her "smart fitness" look — a quilted gray and black bomber jacket, a loose burnout tee, athletic capri leggings, a black crossbody, and some snazzy sneakers. Oh, and of course, a sweet pair of oversized glasses.

This is kind of the perfect gym outfit when you've got things to do afterwards — whether you're hitting the grocery store or a doctor's appointment, an outfit like this still gives off an "I've got great street style, even sweaty" vibe. I'd even consider heading straight to lunch with my ladies, although I'd probably swap the shoes for something still sporty but slightly more "decorative," like a pair of leather converse.

Keep up the stylish work, Hil. Just a suggestion: I'd love to see more #OOTD posts like this on your already-stellar Instagram.

Image: Instagram/@hilaryduff