This Boyfriend Gave the Best Gift Ever

This boyfriend just set the bar really high for all the men out there. Dublin-based 27-year-old Redditor TheOnlyOne87 just made his girlfriend the most romantic gift ever: a mason jar filled with 365 hand-written love notes, one for every day of the year. The notes are color-coded according to three categories: "moments & memories," "quotes & lyrics," and "reasons I love you." Awww.

The couple has been dating for nearly a year, reports The Huffington Post, although they've known each other much longer. "I've known my girlfriend for eight years now," the romantic dude wrote on his Imgur post, "so I have plenty to work with."

Redditor TheOnlyOne87 actually came up with this heart-melting gift idea because he had to get creative. "To be honest, I'm seriously poor this Christmas and I really felt like I wanted to come up with a thoughtful handmade gift for her so that it would be something special and original," he wrote in a Reddit comment. That proves it: money can't buy you love.

As for his girlfriend, she was over the moon (duh). "There may have been tears," he wrote on his Imgur post. "Although that might have been partially to do with the amount of endless reading and unfolding she has ahead of her."

Best. Gift. Ever.

Images: TheOnlyOne87/Imgur