Cara & Selena Definitely Not Getting Married (Sry)

Forget Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift — there's a new model/pop star duo that's making headlines. Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne went shopping at Tiffanys on Monday, December 22nd and now the Internet is convinced they're getting married. My, how quickly we jump to insane conclusions!

According to TMZ, Gomez brought her new model pal home to Texas for Christmas this year. The pair was spotted shopping at the North Park Mall in Dallas, hitting Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom, "where they held hands and Cara slapped Selena's ass," before ending up at Tiffanys. Since the word "Tiffanys" is pretty much synonymous with "everlasting love," fans have naturally decided the two are getting married, according to Styleite, and were doing a little pre-Christmas engagement ring shopping.

Don't get me wrong — Cara Delevingne would probably be a major improvement upon Justin Bieber. But just because the Paper Towns star has dated women in the past doesn't mean that every woman she stands next to in a jewelry store is her girlfriend. For a society that still attempts to oppress members of the LGBTQ community, we sure are obsessed with manufacturing rumors that famous women are dating one another. Take these Twitter reactions, for instance:

All of this because they browsed at Tiffanys together. Ladies as glam as Gomez and Delevingne can afford to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Tiffanys, so let's leave them alone, shall we? Instead of daydreaming about what dresses they would wear to their wedding (just kidding, Cara would totally rock a white le smoking), read this hilarious Gawker poem about their Dallas Christmas adventures instead.