Yes, 'The Interview' Is Really On YouTube

And the news just keeps on coming. After originally canceling the New York premiere and wide release of The Interview , Seth Rogen and James Franco's newest film which follows the actors in a plot to assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Sony recently decided that the movie would receive a limited release in theaters and on video on demand. But now the movie will in many ways be more widely viewed than if it were in all major theaters as Sony and YouTube will now stream The Interview on Christmas Eve 1 pm ET.

I'm assuming much of this flip-flopping comes from the backlash Sony received for originally canceling the film's release — they did so after getting hacked and receiving pretty scary threats from a North Korean group that threatened violent action unless the film studio backed down from showing The Interview in theaters. The move upset many including (obviously) the film's stars and even President Obama stated Sony had "made a mistake" canceling The Interview 's release. "We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States," POTUS said in his year-end conference. Sony quickly responded to President Obama, saying they "had no choice" but obviously this recent reversal says otherwise.

The Interview will be available to rent and stream on more than just YouTube Movies, The Interview is also streaming on Google Play, Microsoft XBox, and Sony's website seetheinterview.com. It will available to rent for $5.99 and buy for $14.99 for the HD version. The film will also release in many major cities despite being considered a "limited release" starting Christmas Day, more theaters are planning to show the movie starting New Year's Day.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal considering just a few days ago, the film wasn't going to see the light of day. Let's see if the controversy has been worth it.