Teachers Do "Let It Go" Flashmob at Carol Service

I challenge you guys not to at least crack a smile with this video of teachers performing a "Let It Go" flashmob at a children's carol service. Even my blackened, Grinch-like heart warmed a little during the clip, and usually that only happens for kittens and pictures of Tom Hiddleston. Literally everyone else in the universe might be incredibly over Frozen at this point, but these super cute British schoolkids didn't get the memo.The Baden-Powell and St Peter’s Church of England Junior School, locally known as BPSP, performs a caroling service for the children every year, BuzzFeed reports. However, this particular service started out a little differently when headteacher Paul Howieson began reciting the lyrics to Disney's mega-hit. It only took a few lines before the children caught on, bursting into giggles when he got to the part about "a kingdom of isolation / and it looks like I'm the queen." (The man is made for the stage, by the way; it was quite a dramatic recitation.) A small group of teachers started singing for the second verse, and more adults joined in as the song went on, until they were gathered at the front of the church for some adorable choreography.The Reverend Michael Camp even got in on the fun, much to the audience's delight. According to Howieson's interview with the Bournemouth Echo , nobody had "any idea what [they] were up to," with the teachers taking every step to ensure secrecy. Well, they practiced with the curtains drawn, at least. Watch the video below, and try to keep a straight face. It's not going to happen, especially if you watch for the kid at 1:21. Don't think we didn't see you.