Say Hello to Hayden's Baby Girl Kaya!

The first photo of Hayden Panettiere's new baby girl is here, and man, that Kaya is cute. After ogling for a minute at the tiny newborn, whose dad is pro boxer Wladimir Klitschko, I turned my attention to Hayden, and I have to say, her beauty game was on point. Motherhood obviously agrees with her — her natural makeup look and pale pink lip gloss show off her "new mom glow." I was most intrigued by her cool-girl messy side braid, though. Growing my hair back out to try this look myself starts... now.

Hayden's braid says, "Yes, I gave birth on December 9 and yes, I am the new master of laid-back hairstyles." This style works best on medium to long-length locks with layers, but don't be afraid to try it even if that's not your hair. Here's how to get the look:

1. Create a deep side part on second-day hair. If it needs a little more grip or volume, spray in some texturizing spray or dry shampoo.

2. Separate the top section of your hair on the side you'll be braiding on and clip it up. Leave a few pieces out on the opposite side, too.

3. Braid your hair to the side, stopping when you've got about two to three inches of hair to go. Secure with an elastic (Hayden's black and white ribbon hair tie is super cute.) Moving downwards, tug on each side of the braid to pull it apart so it's nice and loose.

4. Using a curling wand (or a regular curling iron, whatever you prefer,) create loose waves in the top section you clipped up earlier, curling them away from your face. You can even tuck the ends of the longer pieces into the braid. Do the same with the pieces you left out on the other side, too.

5. Run your fingers through the waves and spray on a light-hold hairspray.

Check out the adorable pic (and Hayden's stylish braid) below!

Image: Twitter/@Its_Omo