Hannity Voted "Worst on Fox," Rants on Twitter

Bad news, everyone: Sean Hannity is annoyed. The Fox News host's pre-Christmas break isn't proving to be quite as peaceful and harmonious as it might, thanks to a year-end opinion survey of cable news hosts by Mediaite. The website recently asked "several dozen" hosts to weigh in on their favorite and least favorites anchors from the three major networks. And you can probably guess who won out over at Fox News headquarters — Sean Hannity was voted "Worst on Fox" for 2014, and he didn't take it very well, subsequently turning in some all-American, all-caps Twitter hollering over it.

It's got to sting to know that colleagues in your industry dislike you and/or your work so much, there's no denying that, so you could easily forgive him for feeling a little wrung out. But it's important to note that this wasn't some personal exercise against Hannity — Ronan Farrow and Al Sharpton were tied for the worst of MSNBC, while a host of CNN personalities tied for the inglorious honor, including Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

And while I readily admit tone is sometimes hard to assess on Twitter, Hannity seemed to take the slight pretty badly, and then decided to shoot the messengers. He tweeted both at Mediaite's Matt Wilstein, and editor-in-chief Andrew Kirell, expressing his considerable displeasure.

Hannity's testy comparison between Mediaite and the overtly left-wing watchdog Media Matters is a pretty absurd one, and it kind of punctuates the hurt feelings. Whatever the political persuasions of their individual writers, I'd consider Mediaite's voice pretty scrupulously centrist, and they've employed vocally conservative writers before — Joe Concha for example, who Hannity cited, as well as ex-editor Noah Rothman, now an associate editor for Hot Air.

Kirell chimed in to suggest Hannity chill with the Tweet-screaming, but the host wasn't even willing to admit he was upset about it, insisting he was only angry about the tragic NYPD shooting that occurred this weekend.

I realize entirely that it's irritating when someone on Twitter tells you to "take a time out." Especially when the juices are flowing, and you're running a little hot. Why back down, when the next angry thing you tweet will be the perfect knock-out punch? But the thing is, it's almost always good advice. Otherwise, you might look silly, like this.


Everyone needs a vacation sometimes, and it seems like Hannity's end-of-year break is at least coming at the right time. Here's to hoping for a happier, more congenial new year — after 2014, I think we could all use it.