If You Were Honest On Social Media...

You know what's great about being part of the social media generation? You don't legitimately have to be incredibly wealthy, happy and successful for people to perceive that you are all of the above. Let's be honest: the way we present our lives on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is often drastically different from the way our lives actually go on the daily.

We see all of one another's highs and very few of the lows. As a matter of fact, this cultural falseness is so prevalent that it's become common place to discuss our "real selves" (reality) versus our "ideal selves" AKA the parties, promotions, and Porsches we push on Insta.

Leave it to BuzzFeed to lay it all out there. From seemingly effortless selfies that actually took two hours (half of which spent on Photoshop) to what it really means when we "like" a status, the skit below may be the first to so accurately acknowledge how artificial social media is. This video speaks to the absolute epidemic that is haunting our generation; we get status updates on our "closest" friends every day, but don't truly know who those people are.

Whether it saddens you, makes you laugh or causes you to re-think your Snapchat choices (as we all should every now and then) it's worth a watch. Take a look.

Images: BuzzFeedViolet/YouTube (2)