Kendall Copied Kylie's Dress On Christmas Eve

This year's extravagant Kardashian/Jenner Christmas Eve included something a little different — some sibling rivalry. Don't worry, this wasn't a physical altercation or anything, but there definitely seems to have a been a little cattiness between two of the (Jenner) sisters — rawr. Apparently, Kendall copied Kylie's dress choice on Christmas Eve. Oh no she didn't!

The littlest Jenner took to Instagram to call out her big sis on the alleged fashion crime. The photo, posted below, captioned "Christmas Eve. Kendall copied my dress." is no subtle jab at Kendall. Although the duo both sported long white dresses that looked a little too similar, why the bad blood Kylie? Isn't Christmas supposed to be about family and togetherness? I think there might be an underlying issue here.

I am no shrink or anything, but this makes me wonder if Kylie is unveiling her feelings about something deeper, beyond just a dress. I mean, it definitely isn't easy to have to follow in the footsteps of her highly-successful supermodel sister, who is only two years older than her I might add. Didn't they both desire to be runway models? While Kendall's high-fashion career is skyrocketing, Kylie's seems to be going at a slower, different pace. Perhaps this is why she feels the need to publicly set the record straight.

Here are both looks...

...and here is where Kylie claims Kendall stole her dress