Save Christmas With Comebacks for Racist Relatives

Got some relatives who are a little... backwards? Don't see eye-to-eye with your family (and your family's family) on all sociopolitical racial matters? You're certainly not alone, and it can make for some tense holiday moments – especially in the wake of recent events in Ferguson and New York. These clever comebacks for racist relatives, via Everyday Feminism, will prepare you to face Christmas dinner – and the doldrums of endless family hangouts that follow – with grace and tact.

With the help of New York-based graphic designer, social critic, and video blogger Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey, learn to find the happy medium between hopelessly attempting to change every family member's mind regarding racial issues and just ignoring every terrible thing they might manage to say. Choose from a variety of Frachesca's tried-and-true tactics, like sarcasm (“Whoa, is it 2014 or 1814 up in here?”), frankly refusing to engage ("Let's eat"), and offering legitimate statistics to straightforwardly refute bogus claims about race (if you actually know any, that is). Also feel free to be super honest (“It makes me really uncomfortable when you say things like that...") or to ask the tellers of racist jokes to explain them to you in simple terms (just sit back and watch them squirm).

If these strategies don't work on your semi-horrible family, then you can rest assured that nothing will. Check out the whole comebacks for racist relatives video below, and find more from Franchesca Ramsey on Upworthy, on YouTube, and on Twitter.

Image: Chescaleigh / YouTube