Amanda Bynes Is A Brunette Now

by May Sofi

There has been a bit of a lull in the case of Amanda Bynes' public meltdowns — thankfully. There haven't been any particularly outlandish tweets or pictures from her, and hopefully that means she is actually taking care of herself. A recently surfaced photo of the troubled actress could indicate that this may actually be the case. An image posted to her Twitter on Thursday proves that Amanda Bynes has officially gone brunette, possibly suggesting that she is truly recovering and starting anew.

I have a close friend that regularly marks any change in her life with a change in her hair. To her, and I believe to many others, a new hair color or cut signifies a fresh starting point to a new chapter in life. Perhaps this is the same mentality Bynes is bearing now. Maybe, just maybe, this hair metamorphosis symbolizes an evolution of her mental health, which seems to be gradually improving as far as we know.

The photo captioned simply "Merry Christmas!" doesn't reveal much about her current condition, unfortunately. We can only hope that this small positive change is a sign that she is doing better and getting the help that she needs.