'How I Met Your Mother's Final Season Premieres Tonight: 5 Tips For How to Survive the Series' End

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How I Met Your Mother's ninth and final season premieres Monday night, and it's got us all nostalgic. (It's been nine whole seasons already?!) It's also got us in a tizzy of anticipation over just how well everything's going to wrap up in this final season. Will The Mother, played by Cristin Milioti, be everything we dreamed? Will it really matter to the show as a whole if she isn't? And what's that last slap gonna look like?

We're just a bundle of questions, so in an attempt to sooth both our own nerves and maybe those of some fellow fans, we put together a list of tips that may help you enjoy this new season all the more. Because regardless of how you feel of its weaker seasons in years past, you really should enjoy this final go-round.

(Images: CBS)

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