15 Healthy Salad Recipes That Aren't Boring And Will Keep You Feeling Good In The New Year

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When you hear the words "healthy" and "salad" together in the same sentence, I'm sure the first thought in your mind isn't, "Mmmmm, must be delicious!" Salad gets a bad rep for being plain and boring, and much of that comes from its association with the most evil of all words, "diet." But when you get a little creative, salad can actually be a really filling, yummy meal that will leave you feeling satisfied. No, really, salad can be really great! Guys, stop laughing. I'm serious.

I know that on a cold winter night, you would probably rather eat comfort food like mashed potatoes and chicken fingers with a mug of hot chocolate (that actually sounds amazing), but let's be real — it's a new year, and everyone is focusing on eating better, even if they're not talking about it. It's a cliche resolution for a reason. Instead of sticking to mixed greens and avocado, mix things up and make some truly awesome salads that will even have skeptics coming back for more. Here are 15 healthy salad recipes that don't suck to get you started.

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