The Top 10 Trending Recipes On Google From 2014 And How To Update Them for the New Year

In case you were wondering what everyone was Googling during 2014, this list of the top trending topics and searches will give you answers. One of the most interesting finds? The recipes people were looking for the most. Instead of Pinterest-friendly desserts or complicated dishes, it seems like everyone was looking for some pretty standard basics.

Here's what everyone wanted to know how to make this past year: chicken, meatloaf, banana bread, pancakes, chili, crock pot recipes, lasagna, French toast, guacamole, and pork chops. All of these are recipes that every cook should know, whether you live on your own or not.

If you were also searching for these things in 2014, or you're now just curious on how to make them, good news: you can find these all right here, because I already did the work for you. For each kind of food, I found a classic recipe as well as a recipe that was a little bit more fun and maybe more complicated. Learn all of these so that you can become the best cook ever — or just impress your parents the next time they want to come over.

Roasted Chicken

Grilled chicken is pretty self-explanatory, but every cook should know how to roast a chicken. This recipe is a really simple, basic classic that will look good on any dinner table even if it barely took you any time. Bonus: it includes recipes that are just as easy for potatoes and green beans. Bam — you just got your next dinner party meal!

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Artichoke Chicken Skillet

Everyone should know one simple chicken pasta recipe that tastes like it was much harder to make than it was. This one is a perfect option. You can’t lose when you mix chicken with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and pasta, and the fresh tastes of lemon and basil bring this altogether.

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Simple Meatloaf

You either love meatloaf or you hate it. If you love it, you usually just want a good, classic meatloaf without anything fancy. This is a great basic recipe, and if you’ve never made this dish before, you should try it with these instructions.

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Mini Meatloaves

Once you get the hang of a classic meatloaf, you can make these cute mini versions for parties as an appetizer. Or you can just make them at home when you want to have fun. Your choice!

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Best Banana Bread

If you’re going to make banana bread, you might as well make the best recipe out there, right? And according to this site, this is it. Banana bread is actually pretty simple as far as bread goes, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser, so it’s a great recipe to know.

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Banana Zucchini Bread

There’s not a ton of different things you can do to banana bread, but one popular way to change up the recipe is to add zucchini. It sounds weird, but it’s actually really delicious. This one is made with whole wheat flour and coconut oil, so it’s a slightly healthier option.

Recipe and Photo: Confections Of A Foodie Bride

Buttermilk Pancakes With Strawberry Sauce

Buttermilk recipes should basically be a staple recipe. They’re always good, they work anytime, and they’re really versatile. You can use this recipe for the pancakes, and then make the strawberry sauce… or you can use any topping you want, from fruit to melted chocolate to just plain ol’ maple syrup.

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Ricotta Pancakes With Apple-Calvados Sauce

I can’t even talk about how amazing ricotta pancakes are without wanting to run to the store so I can make them myself. They’re the best, and if you want a really good pancake recipe for a special breakfast or brunch, go for these.

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Everyone should know a basic chili recipe, because it’s one of those things that can warm up even the coldest winter night. Little tip: adding avocado on top is a healthier option than a ton of cheese, and it is just as delicious.

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Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Turkey chili is a great option if you want to lighten things up a bit, or if you just want a different flavor. This one has lots of spices, and the jalapeno and hot sauce will keep it nice and hot and spicy. Take advantage of your crockpot to make this. It takes little effort, and can cook while you’re at work.

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Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Speaking of crockpots, you should seriously invest in one, if you haven’t already. Put together your food in the morning, then let your dinner cook all day long — by the time you get home, it’s done, and all you have to do is serve it. What could be more perfect after a long day at work? This recipe for chicken and dumplings is ideal for a cold winter night.

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Slow Cooker Shrimp Creole with Easy Garlic Bread

Make your slow cooker dinner exciting with this spicy shrimp creole dish. This is great for a dinner party or if you’re just having friends over — it takes about four hours to cook, so you can put it together and let it do its thing while you get everything else ready.

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Classic Italian Lasagna

Lasagna definitely takes time, effort, and patience, but when it’s made correctly, it’s so worth it. Learn how to make this Italian classic with this recipe.

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Lasagna Bolognese

There are so many different ways to make lasagna, but meat-lovers will be into this one for sure. It’s a pretty simple way to revamp this favorite.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Baked French Toast

French toast is easy, but it can be annoying to stand in front of the griddle or stove dipping the bread, putting it on the heat, then watching it and flipping it until it’s ready. Baked French toast takes those steps out — just stick it in the oven and in a little while, you’re left with a yummy breakfast.

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Cinnamon Sugar Sourdough French Toast

Um, how amazing does this look? I want to make it right now. It’s nice to make French toast with something other than regular white bread sometimes, and sourdough will definitely do the trick. This is decadent and perfect for company.

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Everyone should know how to make basic guacamole because it’s the best and it’s so easy. Plus, homemade guac is almost always better than the kind you pay a ton of money for in the store.

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Spicy Guacamole

You really don’t need to do anything else to guacamole because it’s great on its own, but if you want to change things up a bit, try this variation. The addition of jalapenos gives this a spicy kick.

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Apple Cider-Maple Pork Chops with Caramelized Onions

Apples and pork chops go together so well, so why not stick to this classic combo? This recipe is savory and sweet, and will be a definite crowd-pleaser.

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Pork Chops In Balsamic Fig Glaze

Pork chops go so well with sweet sauces or glazes — figs are an amazing choice. This recipe looks really fancy and is great if you’re trying to impress someone.

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