The Top 10 Trending Recipes On Google From 2014 And How To Update Them for the New Year

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In case you were wondering what everyone was Googling during 2014, this list of the top trending topics and searches will give you answers. One of the most interesting finds? The recipes people were looking for the most. Instead of Pinterest-friendly desserts or complicated dishes, it seems like everyone was looking for some pretty standard basics.

Here's what everyone wanted to know how to make this past year: chicken, meatloaf, banana bread, pancakes, chili, crock pot recipes, lasagna, French toast, guacamole, and pork chops. All of these are recipes that every cook should know, whether you live on your own or not.

If you were also searching for these things in 2014, or you're now just curious on how to make them, good news: you can find these all right here, because I already did the work for you. For each kind of food, I found a classic recipe as well as a recipe that was a little bit more fun and maybe more complicated. Learn all of these so that you can become the best cook ever — or just impress your parents the next time they want to come over.

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