What Exactly Makes Cara So Popular?

Kendall Jenner may be the most buzzed about up and comer in the modeling world, but I think most would agree the year belonged to somebody else. I'm of course talking about 2014's awarded Model of the Year, Cara Delevingne, and a now there's a new video for Nowness deconstructing Delevingne's mass appeal.

In the film for the website, directed by Matthew Donaldson, Cara dances while trying on several different outfits, including lingerie, and making her trademark silly faces. The film sought to capture that enigma that makes the British model such an icon, fashion's biggest "it girl." In Donaldson's opinion, “Cara’s the girl that all boys want but none will ever be able to hold onto," he said. She's elusive and alluring, she doesn't seem to take anything too seriously, and is a rebel — "in an entirely palatable way." And that's exactly the image captured on film.

Though sultry in smokey eye makeup and a red lip, Delevingne keeps the mood light with her playful dancing, makes an elegant pencil skirt easy and accessible with her contorted faces, and just feels more like the cool girl than the sex symbol — even while shaking her perfectly-toned booty in lingerie. So if you've yet to jump on the Cara bandwagon, I dare you to watch this film and not fall in love with her.

Images: Youtube; Getty Images