Jude Law is Actually a Thing Again

It'll be a while before Dom Hemingway hits theaters in the U.S., but take this pro-tip seriously: Start anticipating it now. After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival recently — to great reviews — we finally have our first trailer for the Richard Shepherd-directed film which stars Jude Law as the charismatic, alcoholic, sex-addicted criminal Dom, and Richard E. Grant as his longtime buddy and associate.

Unlike a lot of first trailers, this promo actually gives us a good idea of what to expect from this film: Law stars as Dom, who has recently been released from prison for refusing to give up his former boss (The Bridge star Demian Bichir) in a crime. Dom expects payment for keeping his mouth shut, but he's distracted by the extremely attractive Paolina (Madalina Diana Ghenea) and ends up in deeper shit than when he started out. The Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke, also stars as Dom's daughter,whom he hasn't seen in years.

Style-wise, the film looks like an insane, witty, raunchy British comedy, which is pretty much in line with all of the initial reviews that were coming from TIFF when it premiered there. If you're lucky enough to be across the pond, Dom Hemingway will hit theaters in the U.K. on Nov. 15 — for all of us stateside, though, the film won't open until April 4. You can check out the trailer below.